Ruben Tagalog Foundation

Ruben Tagalog is the formost Kundiman singer of the Philippines post World War II.  Kundiman is the traditional Filipino Love Song sang during a Serenade. The use of the guitar, and hints of Romance reminds one of the Mexican Mariachi. However the Kundiman is uniquely FIlipino typically geatures a solo guitar and a slow soothing tempo meant to appease the object of courtship.

The Ruben Tagalog foundation seeks to preserve the kundiman art form though fortnightly intimate romantic evenings featuring contemporary artists. The hosted events are typically romantic dinners with the featured artists serenading the audience. The site accepts online reservations and membership applications.  Members are treated with occasional treats like song downloads and souvenirs, they are also entitled to a 10% discount on affiliated venues. 


Contact Person: 

Ruben Tagalog III