Oct 20, Completely reinstalled the site and added secure provisions for sharing audio, video and file downloads for members and ticket holders. The site had DB errors after installing the Commerce booking module. I'm currently onsite iPad app and is scheduled to make some changes to the ticket module soon but everything the client needs to see in the site is already available.   .... This really takes a long time! 


October 7 - Spent the past couple of days doing a new sitefor the upcoming celebration product business. In the process - I tried to cleanup the DB before cloning the mother site  but in the process wiped out the venue pages  amd I figured out later - the artis site.

 The tickets are completely working - The backend needs some work and I'd be putting in some time to develop the collaterals and digital goodies that the artist can share with those who sign up as members or bought tickets to a particular show (note some issues regarding requiring ticket buyers to register!) At the moment there is no requirement to register - just put in a valid email address and you get the tickets. Problem with that is sharing will only be with registered users.

September 30 - Finalized format of Membership card, worked on some test cases - no data nulls etc. Also cleaned up warning and error messages from the email  module. As far as the web portion of the Loyalty program is concerned - this is 90% complete  for v 1.0  - (I'll revisit this to add the new Apple certificate for QRU Tickets). 

Sept 29 2014 - Good News, After hitting the DB corruption issue,  the Membership Program already works (new application, renewal, setting of status, etc.). Still need to apply for a permanent QRU Ticket certificate from Apple - we are currently using borrowed certificates from the Red Cross project: The remaining task is the integration of passes to show ticketing.  I am currently using Commerce Ticketing a 3rd party module - this will need to be heavily customized to work as envisioned. The codes should be similar to the working Membership program module (which I wrote!)

The real issues I encountered in the span of a few months is that the wrong choice of modules and 3rd party items can cause real harm. Backup is a key solution to this, unfortunately, my provider decided to clean up my backups just when I needed it most - not their fault but it still sucks!/   The other issue is working in Manila with the lowest possible QOS  (wifi G, and smallest bandwidth ever) is terrible. During peak BPO hours everything crawls, FTP takes forever (a few hours for my  collection of sites).
 Past status:  Sept 7, 2014
Currently working on ticketing (distribution and workflow). Other remaining tasks is to test using a Paypal merchant account and to create a manager interface for the client - The administration menu I am currently working on is a bit technical - I will see what options are available to reduce the complexity of day to day operation for the site manager (This will be required if a store is introduced to ensure that orders are attended to and the paid merchandise is shipped).   All other aspects of the site is already operational! This should be finished within a few days particularly if ticketing does not prove to be too problematic.
You may test the site as an anonymous user and try to put in some orders. The site issues emails so put in a valid email address.  We have put up two distinct security roies namely manager and artist to distinguish the artist from the manager in day to day running of the site ... and responding to the customers. The artist will have an ability to be automatically subscribed to the show and membership subsites.  This will give them access to the comments of teh fans and allow them to send a message or give electronic freebies like mp3s, and videos on a per subsite basis.   
Technical Status (80%) :
  1. We are currently incorporating the Commerce (Payment) (90%) modules into the site.  - We will need to split the workflow between products that need to be delivered / ship and products - like tickets which are available online and does not require shipping. At the moment tickets are also charged shipping.
  2. Payments - Paypal sandbox merchant account need to be tested, existing dummy payment module with Credit Card validation currently works.
  3. Store - Works as intended - Further work can be done to go into product categories but this can be done on a store to store basis later on.
  4. Loyalty program - workflow needs to be adjusted to adjust membership expiration date upon purchase. send out emails to ask for renewal etc. Tickets/ Badges also needs to be printed / Apple passbook Badges.
  5. Show - printing of ticket to include Apple passbook pass to be incorporated 
  6. Provisioning webframes - working on this. (10%) This automates submissions of requirements in setting up sites.
  7. Admin (Internal) Checklist for Provisioning   Idea is to ensure that all steps are taken to properly in the correct sequence.
  8. Printing needs adjustments - We incorporated a stationary function to plain text emails it needs some work to handle HTML mail properly.
  9. currently does not have SSL  It will need to have this to create a secure environment particularly for the subdomains and
  10. FB integration require SSL this is on standby sa,ple of a fully secure website with FB app is  .